Afroman releases ‘Hunter Got High’ hit to make fun of Hunter Biden

Afroman’s ‘Hunter Got High’ targets Biden family a satirical way

afroman hunter got high
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Recently, Afroman reprised his popular song, “Because I Got High” to make fun of Hunter Biden. The original version of the song portrayed Afroman as hapless stoner who blames lost opportunities and his current plight on his penchant for smoking pot. Now, Baste Records posted new reboot version of “Hunter Got High” on its X handle sharing the link to the YouTube video.

Hunter Got High

The video starts in a black SUV where Afroman and a person acting as Hunter Biden pull up smoking. Afroman sings, “Hey Hunter! Roll another one of those congressional blunts, brotha,” “He was gonna get his laptop fixed, but Hunter got high.”

In the next scene, He sings, “He shoulda let Hillary bleach the whole hard drive. But Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high,” featuring actor playing Hunter Biden and a white haired man with a mask certainly imitating President Biden in the music video.

Apart from the long standing issue of Hunter Biden laptop, Afroman’s new song covers a number of topics comprising alleged influence peddling by the Biden family, as well the Secret Service confirming that cocaine was found at the White House last summer and subsequently closing that probe without naming a culprit. 

He further sings, “He thought he had a secret stash, but Hunter got high. The White House got shut down, and we all know why. Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high.” 

Not only this, “Hunter Got High” also mocks Hunter Biden’s art career, which has come under fire by Republicans raising conflict of interest between wealthy buyers and the White House. Then the song continues, “Biden never use to start with B-U-Y. Till Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high.”

“Ukraine wasn’t part of the plan, till Hunter got high China wasn’t that big a fan, till Hunter got high. He wasn’t gonna split it all, with the old big guy. But Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high,”

Who is Hunter Biden?

hunter biden net worth

Hunter Biden is a lawyer, businessman and second son of the current US President Joe Biden. He has been in various controversies following his business deals with foreign countries and never ending addiction struggles are well documented. In 2003, Hunter underwent treatment for alcoholism and joined Alcoholics Anonymous.

Back in 2015, Beau Biden died of cancer which then fueled the ultimate downfall of businessman Hunter and at the same time Hunter and Kathleen Biden’s marriage was also failing. They formally divorced in 2017. Wait a minute, This is shocking to you? then listen up, In 2017 news surfaced that Hunter Biden is in romantic relationship with Hallie Olivere Biden, Beau Biden’s widow. During this time too, Hunter underwent multiple periods of alcohol and drug binges followed by his rehab efforts.

Hunter himself disclosed that the Justice Department has been investigating him since 2018. The investigation was primarily about the potential criminal violations of tax and money-laundering laws. In June 2023, Hunter Biden plead guilty for two counts of failing to pay his 2016 and 2017 taxes on time.

In September 2023, Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy announced that committees of the House of Representatives which would investigate whether President Joe Biden benefitted from the Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Additionally, There is much controversy around Hunter Biden laptop bid based on which Republicans accused Former US Vice-President and Current President Joe Biden acting in favor of Ukraine.

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