Dead by Daylight Project T announced and Casting of Frank Stone gameplay shown by developer for Dead by Daylight 8th anniversary

As part of the eighth anniversary of Dead by Daylight, a new gameplay trailer for The Casting of Frank Stone was uploaded to the official YouTube channel. There’s also the first look video for Project T, another Dead by Daylight spin-off game.

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The Casting of Frank Stone gameplay

casting of frank stone teaser

It’d be pretty weird to have someone use your birthday to make announcements about a couple of video games, but since this is the eighth anniversary of Dead by Daylight, it makes perfect sense.

Two videos, one related to the known and upcoming Casting of Frank Stone game and the other about a new game called Project T, have been uploaded to the official Dead by Daylight YouTube channel.

The Casting of Frank Jones gets its first gameplay trailer, which sees a bunch of stupid teenagers travel to a steel mill to shoot a horror movie (typical horror movie characters, amirite?). This steel mill, however, is off limits to them because the police say so, but because the protagonists are young, dumb, and in a horror game, they decide to ignore the warning of the boys in blue and shoot their film.

As to be expected, problems arise after they come into contact with Frank Stone, a serial killer who was involved in kidnapping and murdering a number of the townsfolk from Cedar Hill (where the game is set).

Not only that, the four protagonists are also seen dealing with doors containing otherworldly portals, finding the killer’s lair (complete with severed heads in jars, no less), and looking up to find what appears to be The Entity (the creature that Dead by Daylight killers sacrifice humans to in the original game) appearing in the sky above. There are also mentions of a movie called Murder Mill, which will likely play a key role in the present-day story.

The video’s description states that players will be able to change the relationship between characters, hunt for clues related to what’s going on, solve environmental puzzles, and be forced to react fast to various quick-time events as they venture through this narrative game with various paths to the end. Oh, and all the while, they’ll still be recording footage for their movie (I did say they were young and dumb).

The gameplay makes sense once you remember that Supermassive Games, the same developer behind Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and The Quarry, are the ones making this title. The Casting of Frank Stone will jump out and scare you and your PC and consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X/S) later this year.

The Dead by Daylight Project T game reveal

As for what Project T is, it looks to be a third-person shooter/horror hybrid coming from Midwinter Entertainment, a company owned by Behaviour Interactive. The first look video explains that the game is still a work in progress and that Midwinter is letting players in on the development process. This new Dead by Daylight game will see one to four players taking control of Trespassers, characters who have been kidnapped from their home realities and plopped into a realm controlled by The Entity.

The game is set in a “familiar, yet ominous” realm called ‘The Backwater’ and to survive, the Trespassers will need to join forces. The enemies are referred to as ‘The Thrall’ and come in a few shapes and sizes, with one Thrall seen having a rifle while another, larger Thrall using a cleaver and a sickle-and-chain. The Backwater will be designed to be an ever-changing landscape with different biomes and to traverse it, trucks will be used to burn some rubber and escape from The Thrall.

The Dead by Daylight community will also have a hand in shaping Project T by way of the Insider Program. Insiders will be active participants in developing the game, exclusive information, in-game rewards, and be allowed to play in closed playtests and give feedback on the game.

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