New Tomb Raider Amazon Prime series announced, will involve Phoebe Waller-Bridge as writer and executive producer and be available across 240 countries

Lara Croft’s next destination is Amazon. No, not the rainforest. I’m talking about Amazon Prime. A Tomb Raider Amazon Prime series is being made.

tomb raider amazon prime

The Tomb Raider Amazon Prime series

tomb raider lala croft

A Tomb Raider Amazon Prime series has been announced by Amazon MGM Studios (who also helped co-produce Amazon’s Fallout show) and will involve Phoebe Waller-Bridge pulling double duty as both writer and executive producer. The news was announced through X (formerly Twitter) and a blog post on the Tomb Raider website. Waller-Bridge’s production company, Wells Street Productions, will also have a hand in producing the show.

Speaking about the project, Waller-Bridge said that Lara Croft’s adventures were a huge part of her life and that she felt privileged to bring her to television with her passionate collaborators. “Lara means a lot to me, as she does to many, and I can’t wait to go on this adventure. Bats ‘n all,” said Waller-Bridge in the blog post.

Head of Amazon MGM Studios Sara Salke said this new show will “honor the legacy of this iconic character” and will be made with both newcomers and fans in mind. Scot Amos, the Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics, said that Amazon Studios and Amazon Games would help in expanding the Tomb Raider franchise with multiple new adventures and that these stories spread across various media platforms that fans enjoy is a vital step towards the franchise’s future with said fans.

This new show originates from a deal between developer Crystal Dynamics and Amazon MGM Studios. Dmitri M. Johnson through dj2 Entertainment, one of the companies responsible for producing Sonic the Hedgehog film and who Amazon struck a deal with to create more video game adaptations, will also help to executive produce the series.

Other executive producers include Crystal Dynamics, Michael Scheel, Legendary Television, and Jenny Robbins of Wells Street Productions. Ryan Andolina and Amanda Greenblatt of Star Party will serve as consulting producers and the series will be produced by Crystal Dynamics and Amazon MGM Studios. More than 240 countries and territories will be able to watch Ms. Croft’s adventure when it premieres.

The Tomb Raider Netflix show

tomb raider netflix

This isn’t the only upcoming show featuring Lara Croft. Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft is another show, but it’s an animated series coming to Netflix. Writer and executive producer Tasha Huo said this series will transition from the Survivor Timeline of Tomb Raider (i.e., the timeline established by Crystal Dynamics in the 2013 Tomb Raider game, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider) and follow Lara’s journey leading up to the first game in the series.

Powerhouse Animation Studios (the same studio that made Netflix’s Castlevania series) will be animating this Croft adventure. The leading lady will be played by Hayley Atwell, alongside Earl Baylon as Jonah Maiava (a character from the Survivor Timeline) and Allen Maldonado as Zip, an ally of Lara who was in the previous games, but not in the Survivor Timeline games.

Netflix has ordered two seasons of the show, with season one having eight episodes, each 22 minutes long. Legendary Television, Crystal Dynamics, and dj2 Entertainment will produce the series. The series will arrive sometime in 2024.

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