Fallout 76 Officer on Deck quest completed by Phil Spencer, nuclear payback potentially incoming

Phil Spencer has completed a quest that lets him use nuclear warheads in Fallout 76. Given that his camp was recently nuked by someone, he may be looking for radioactive payback.

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Phil Spencer completing the Fallout 76 Officer on Deck quest

fallout 76 city and power armor

An eye for an eye makes the world go blind. In this case, however, a nuke for a nuke can make a whole server radioactive, I guess.

Recently, an X (formerly Twitter) user named @real1090jake launched a nuke at the camp belonging to Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, in Fallout 76 (and not in real life, thankfully). You’d think he did because of Microsoft closing down four studios that were owned by them, but no, that’s not it. Instead, @real1090jake considered Spencer to be the “final boss” of the game and wanted to defeat him after the X user had finished the main part of the game.

However, it looks like the CEO may be gearing up for a retaliatory attack. A quick look at Spencer’s Xbox profile shows that he’s recently earned the “Officer on Deck” achievement, which is earned by completing the Fallout 76 quest of the same name. This quest gives players access to literal nuclear warheads that can be targeted and launched at whatever area they want on the world map (hey, it wouldn’t be Fallout if you couldn’t launch a nuke).

Obviously, whatever’s in the blast radius of the nuke will be decimated and in its place will be high-level enemies, irradiated everything, and much better loot for you to swipe when your friends aren’t looking. A nuke blast zone also tends to spawn a Scorchbeast Queen, an endgame-level boss that needs a whole team to be put down for good.

Spencer’s completion of this quest hasn’t gone unnoticed as Rebs Gaming, an Xbox reporter, pointed it out and believes the CEO may be sending a radiation-filled, missile-shaped package to anyone who decided to ravage his camp. I’m guessing @real1090jake may not be in Spencer’s good graces after his little stunt.

What is Fallout 76?

fallout 76 steel dawn

The Fallout games usually involve players trekking through nuclear wastelands all by themselves. Have you ever wanted to do that, but with your buddies? If so, then you now know what Fallout 76 is.

It’s a multiplayer Fallout game that’s set 25 years after The Great War, when America and China launched nukes at each other, and has players venturing out and discovering what’s changed after the bombs dropped, as well as dealing with all of the nuclear nasties that have come about because of the radiation. The launch version of the game had an alarming number of bugs that detracted from the experience, something that players and reviewers made the developers aware of. At that time, Fallout 76 wasn’t well-liked by the gaming public.

Bethesda supported the game through major updates and squashed a lot of bugs in the years since Fallout 76 dropped. They eventually added fully-voiced NPCs to the game with the Wastelanders update, since they weren’t present initially. The idea behind this was to encourage players to interact with one another, so much so that there wasn’t even a push-to-talk function at launch (it’s always fun hearing some kid’s parents yelling at each other when gaming).

fallout 76 skyline valley

Fallout 76 had a nuclear winter-level reception at launch but thanks to all the work Bethesda has put in, people’s opinions of the game have changed. On Steam, the recent and all-time reviews for the game are both labeled as “mostly positive,” in contrast to the poor Metacritic reviews the game received at launch.

The latest update for the game will be the Skyline Valley update, which will let players venture southward into a new area based on the real-world Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, America. A preview explains that players will encounter the mysterious overseer and the inhabitants of Vault 63, all of whom are electric ghouls (another new addition), and uncover what objective their overseer has in mind.

There will also be new turkey enemies called “thrashers,” and Storm Giants, which are robobrains built by the ghouls of Vault 63. A new event, Dangerous Pastimes, will also be available and will involve players powering up a lightning rod to “kick off an electrical light show.”

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