Old Nintendo game Dementium The Ward PS5, PS4 versions now available for purchase

Dementium The Ward PS5 and PS4 are ready to show players why it’s such an well-received horror now that it’s ready for purchase.

What is the story of Dementium the Ward?

Dementium PS5 and PS4 versions are live

Talk about a blast from the past. Dementium The Ward PS5 and PS4 versions are now available to purchase for PlayStation gamers.

The earliest tease for the new versions of Dementium The Ward seems to originate on April 3, when the game’s official X (formerly Twitter) account excitedly teasing that the game was coming to Sony consoles. Then on April 9, developer/publisher Atooi confirmed that this was the case. A YouTube trailer was also uploaded to promote the new versions of the game, which include PlayStation Trophy support, various display options (including 4K/high resolution graphics), and 60 FPS, along with the usual weapons to pick, puzzles to solve, and difficulty settings players can choose from.

What is Dementium The Ward PS5?

Dementium the ward download

If you have no clue as to what Dementium The Ward is, I don’t blame you. The game is a survival horror title where you play an amnesiac fella named William Redmoor. At the start of the game, William wakes up to your average survival horror reality: abandoned hospital, monsters running around the place, flashlights and weapons used to kill said monsters (ain’t that convenient?), and puzzles to solve to progress. You know, the usual survival horror stuff. As he explores the hospital, he finds notes saying he murdered his wife, as well as visions of his daughter and the game’s antagonist, The Doctor.

This was supposed to be a Silent Hill game (which makes a lot of sense, given what it is), but since Konami rejected the pitch, Renegade Kid (the game’s original developer) decided to make their own game instead (insert “Thanos I’ll Do It Myself” meme here). What makes it stand out is the fact that the Nintendo DS didn’t have that many horror games, so genre fans who owned Nintendo DS’ were pretty happy with this game.

After release, their project received a good amount of praise, and ports of were later released onto the Nintendo 3DS and the Switch. There’s also a sequel, Dementium 2, that continues William’s story as he must once again escape a hospital and deal with reality turning nightmarish in front of his eyes and the monsters that come with it. Like its predecessor, it was praised by those who played it and it received good review scores.

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