EA Sports College Football 25 Enhances Gameplay Experience

After an 11-year break and two new console generations, there’s a lot to share about the return of EA Sports College Football 25. It’s challenging to sum up everything fans can expect when EA Sports College Football 25 launches on July 19. However, the developers at EA Orlando have provided a detailed video and blog post covering all aspects of the game.

The key point is that all 134 schools in the top division of U.S. college football are included in the game, complete with their traditions, songs, and stadiums. Whether you’re a fan of Ohio University or Ohio State University, you’ll feel right at home.

The playbooks in the game are unique and more experimental than in professional football. “One of our main goals was to capture the authenticity and dynamic gameplay of college football,” said developer Scott O’Gallagher. “We studied and recreated the explosiveness of current and former college football legends. This results in a game that lets you play not just North and South, but also East and West.” This means you can use the entire field to not just throw deep passes, but also run plays like reverses, end-arounds, and the triple option.

ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit, along with Chris Fowler, narrates the game’s features. I remember learning to play NCAA Football 2004 in 2003, using the tutorial videos he narrated. It’s great to have Herbie, a former Buckeye quarterback, back in the game.

EA Sports College Football 25

What additional features can we look forward to in EA Sports College Football 25

O’Gallagher also explains the new Wear and Tear progression system, where players who take a lot of hits or throw a lot during a game will break down, affecting their performance in future games. This is similar to the old condition system in the Tecmo Super Bowl, where a key player might get injured in the third quarter, forcing strategic changes or substitutions. Keep an eye on your players’ wear and tear, especially if your offensive line is letting the quarterback get hit often.

EA Sports College Football 25 launches on July 19 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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