Horror game Little Nightmares 3 delayed to 2025, more details to be revealed this summer

Little Nightmares 3 will be released next year and more details on the game will be shared at some point this summer.

little nightmares 3

Little Nightmares 3 delayed to next year

Please do bear with us, little ones, for we need a little extra time to prepare your visit.

Rest assured, we promise to show you a proper welcome. #LittleNightmares III pic.twitter.com/fqxsOPzkFD

— Little Nightmares III (@LittleNights) May 31, 2024

With games these days needing a lot more time in the oven, it’s only natural that developers would announce delays for their projects. Case in point: Little Nightmares 3.

Announced through X (formerly Twitter), developer Supermassive Games and publisher Bandai Namco Europe said that employees were putting their backs into “delivering the best experience possible” for the next Little Nightmares game. They recognize that the game’s quality ranks the highest for them and that it needs “the care and love it deserves,” which is why it’s being delayed to 2025.

It isn’t all bad news as Supermassive Games also said that they’d share more about Little Nightmares 3 this summer and requested fans to bear with them and keep an eye out for further updates. Given what they said regarding more details being revealed this summer, it’s possible (but unconfirmed) that Supermassive Games could show up at Summer Game Fest.

One reason is that Bandai Namco is confirmed to make an appearance there and it’d be a little weird if they only showed off Dragon Ball Sparking Zero. Another reason is, well, summer is in the event’s name and lots of people will be watching the showcase, making it a good time to share more details and hook more people on your product.

What is Little Nightmares?

Little Nightmares is a horror game series set in a world where monstrous adults do horrific things to small children. It’s implied in the first game that the owner of a ship butchers children and serves them as food to adults and that’s just the tip of this brutal iceberg. Other examples of less-than-stellar adult behavior include turning children into dolls, hunting them with a shotgun, and ensuring they don’t escape the ship on which they’ll be served to guests. I know children are difficult to deal with, but this is taking things a bit too far.

The main characters in these games are small children who can’t fight back because of how small and weak they are, forcing them to resort to other means to dispatch adults or just straight up escape them. Given how unkind the world is to children, some of them aren’t in the best shape since no one takes care of them, to the point where one of them even resorts to eating a rat because of how starved they are. It’s that bad and the series isn’t shy about showing stuff like this to players.

The first game is set on a ship and centers on a child named Six who tries to escape it. Along the way, Six needs to avoid and/or defeat the various adults that stand between her and freedom, like the ship’s obese guests, the twin chefs who wish to butcher her, and the Lady, the ship’s enigmatic owner. The second game is a prequel that follows new character Mono and the returning Six as they attempt to survive together on their odyssey through a city and the adults that call it home. Just like last time, escaping and/or taking down adults will be necessary for progression.

The next game in the series, Little Nightmares 3, will follow another pair of youths, Low and Alone, who are trying to escape from a place called ‘The Nowhere.’ Like in the previous entry, Low and Alone will need teamwork to make the dream work.

The former is equipped with a bow and arrow, while the latter has a wrench. They’ll need these tools to solve puzzles and to get past the monstrous adults, as well as new enemies and “an even greater threat,” that stand in their way. You’ll also be able to play through the game in co-op, so if you want to expose someone to this incredibly dark world, you may as well do so through this game.

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