Dragon Ball Sparking Zero shows Gogeta, Vegito and 3 more powerful fused fighters in new trailer, teases appearance at Summer Game Fest

Gotenks, Vegito, Gogeta, Fused Zamasu, and Kefla all hog the spotlight in the latest Dragon Ball Sparking Zero trailer. An appearance at Summer Game Fest was also teased.

dragon ball sparking zero vegito

Gogeta, Vegito and more fused fighters

Earlier this month, scans from V Jump Magazine showed that fused characters Gotenks (Goten and Trunks) and Kefla (Kale and Caulifla) would be showing up in Dragon Ball Sparking Zero. The latest trailer not only confirms that this will be the case, but Gotenks’ father(s) Gogeta and Vegito, along with Fused Zamasu, will also be showing up.

The trailer begins with Trunks and Goten in a fight against Caulifla and Kale, respectively. After both characters and their opponents get into a beam struggle (the kids lose it, by the way), both pairs decide it’s fusion time. Goten and Trunks perform the fusion dance while Kale and Caulifla use the Potara Earrings to combine with one another before unleashing their signature attacks: Kefla’s Gigantic Burst and Gotenks’ Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack and Charging Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball.

The focus then shifts to Gogeta, Vegito, and Fused Zamasu. The first fused fighter is seen unleashing his Meteor Explosion attack and going Super Saiyan, while Fused Zamasu starts to use his Wall of Light attack before he’s seen again in his Half-Corrupted form, now wielding a ki-blade against Gogeta. Vegito activates his Super Saiyan Blue form and uses his own ki-blade before Gogeta follows suit and goes Blue too.

A Bandai Namco blog post lists the characters and the forms seen in the trailer:

  1. Goten (normal form and Super Saiyan)
  2. Trunks (child version) (normal form and Super Saiyan)
  3. Gotenks (normal form, Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 3)
  4. Kale (normal form and Super Saiyan)
  5. Caulifla (normal form and Super Saiyan 2)
  6. Kefla (normal form and Super Saiyan)
  7. Kefla (normal form, Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2)
  8. Gogeta (Dragon Ball Super version) (normal form, Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Blue)
  9. Vegito  (normal form and Super Saiyan Blue)
  10. Fused Zamasu (normal form and Half-Corrupted form)

Similar to episodes of the Dragon Ball Z anime (though without the awesome voiceover), the end of the trailer and pinned comment mention that Sparking Zero will make an appearance at Summer Game Fest on June 7. So far, no release date has been officially announced (but it has been datamined), so Bandai Namco and developer Spike Chunsoft could use the showcase to easily build up more hype surrounding the game. They may also feature more characters and game modes, like the 5v5 team battle mode that was featured in V Jump alongside the fused Saiyans.

Fusion in Dragon Ball

dragon ball goku with potara earring

In the Dragon Ball universe, there are two ways two individuals can fuse. One method is using the fusion dance while the other is wearing Potara Earrings.

The fusion dance was taught to Goku by the Metamorans, a race of individuals whom readers and viewers have never seen before. With the help of Piccolo, Goku taught this technique to Goten and Trunks so that they’d have a chance against the threat of Majin Buu. If either participant performs the dance incorrectly, the fused fighter will be either fat or skinny and will not be effective in a fight because of how weak they are. However, if they pull it off, the fused fighter will have half an hour to battle their opponent before the fusion ends.

The Potara Earrings are a different story. They were given to Goku by the Elder Kai when Super Buu absorbed multiple Z Fighters to grow stronger to allow Goku to fuse with the strongest fighter around, who he thought was Gohan. However, since Buu absorbed Gohan, Vegeta was the only person Goku could fuse with.

They belong to Supreme Kais and require participants to wear each Earring on different ears. Once that’s done, both fighters will immediately combine into one. It was previously believed that Potara fusion was permanent, but Dragon Ball Super retconned this, saying that the fusion will expire after one hour and that it becomes permanent if a Supreme Kai is involved.

In both cases, the fusion can end early because of how powerful a transformation is. During the fight against Fused Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super, Vegito split back into Goku and Vegeta early because of how powerful the Super Saiyan Blue form was. The same thing occurred in Dragon Ball GT when Gogeta was divided into Goku and Vegeta after a mere 10 minutes while they were in the middle of a fight with Omega Shenron.

Since the fusions of Goku and Vegeta were two of the first fused fighters to pop up in Dragon Ball, plenty of fans have speculated as to which fusion is stronger. There’s even a Death Battle episode where the two fight and see which one’s stronger.

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