Unlock Agent Smith for free in Multiversus

Agent Smith

With the full release of MultiVersus, you’ll likely want to try out the latest characters quickly to learn their moves, strengths, and weaknesses. Fortunately, there’s a way to get one new character, Agent Smith, before his official release if you act fast.

Agent Smith, from The Matrix, is one of the newly announced additions, along with Jason Voorhees. Here’s how you can unlock Agent Smith early in MultiVersus and add this villain to your roster.

How to unlock Agent Smith early and for free in MultiVersus

The full launch of MultiVersus is here, and you can get Agent Smith early and for free.

To do this, you need to play the new Rifts PvE mode, which adds a PvE component to the previously PvP-only game. In this mode, you’ll face Nodes that involve either battles against characters or various challenges. Completing these successfully will reward you with Gems.

Specifically, you need to defeat 6 bosses in Rifts mode to unlock Agent Smith. Along with him, you’ll receive an exclusive skin that can’t be obtained any other way. Additionally, you’ll earn 3000 Fighter Currency as a bonus.

Agent Smith

This challenge runs from the game’s launch until July 30th, giving you just over a month to finish it. It’s important to start playing and working on it right away to make sure you don’t miss out.

However, even if you complete the challenge and technically unlock Agent Smith, you won’t be able to play as him until he’s officially added to the game.

So, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a bit longer before you can start using his signature neck cracks.

In the meantime, you can earn some extra MultiVersus rewards through Twitch Drops. Just make sure to watch your favorite streamers to grab those goodies!

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