Multiversus: new trailer reveals Jason Voorhees and Agent Smith to be new playable fighters ahead of May 28 launch next week

Jason Voorhees and Agent Smith are both going to be the playable partners of The Joker in Multiversus.

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The Multiversus Jason Voorhees and Agent Smith reveal

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Looks like more multiversal mayhem is coming to, er, Multiversus. To balance out the jokey tone of Banana Guard’s inclusion in the game, two far more serious entities will be joining the Smash clone: Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th series and Agent Smith from the Matrix films.

Both characters popped up towards the end of the latest Multiversus trailer. Called “Stars Collide. Pies Fly.,” both of the newcomers can be seen teleported into battle in service of The Joker, who’s sitting on the Iron Throne (does he want to rule Westeros?). Other characters can be seen inflicting pain on one another before the new duo is revealed and more, unknown characters can be seen teleporting to the Clown’s side as the trailer ends.

Joker, Jason, and Agent Smith will all be part of the game’s “Puns and Villainy” season, but Agent Smith will not be playable at launch. The Camp Crystal Lake native, however, can be chosen by players at launch if they’re feeling particularly murderous.

Who is Jason Voorhees?

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Jason Voorhees is the hockey mask-wearing, camp counselor/teenager-hating slasher villain hailing from the Friday the 13th movies, known for being nigh-unstoppable and wielding a machete (and whatever else he can get his mitts on) to carve hapless victims up.

Jason didn’t make his bloody debut in the first movie. In the very first Friday film, Jason’s death as a young boy due to Camp Crystal Lake’s counselors being negligent enraged his mother Pamela and thus, she began killing them. His death also drove her a little crazy and when it was revealed she was the one who killed the latest batch of counselors at the camp, she soon died when one of the new counselors, Alice, lopped her head off with her machete.

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However, the end of the movie revealed that Jason didn’t die, but was alive. The beginning of the second movie saw him find and murder Alice for what she did to his mother dearest. Since then, Camp Crystal Lake has been his stomping grounds and he doesn’t take kindly to anyone who decides to trespass on his turf.

Throughout his killing career, the guy died, came back to life, fought fellow slasher icon Freddy Kreuger, and even became a cyborg in the future. Look, the movies were getting stale and the writers had to think of something new and interesting to put people in theater seats. He’s even got a few of his own games, one of which is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where one player gets to be Jason and murder every camp counselor (fun for the whole family).

Who is Agent Smith?

the matrix agent smith

In the world of The Matrix, a war was fought between humans and artificial intelligence (AI). The ChatGPT bots ended up winning and decided to use humans as batteries, taking the bioelectric energy they provided from their bodies while trapping their minds with the Matrix, a simulated reality, while they ruled the world.

Within this simulation are Agents, computer programs whose job is to ensure nothing and no one will find out about the Matrix and what’s going on in the real world. One of those programs is Agent Smith (played by Hugo Weaving), who wants to be free from the simulation and is tasked with apprehending The One (AKA Neo, the main character).

After Neo entered his code and destroyed him at the end of the first movie, Smith came back in the sequel, The Matrix Reloaded. Smith was no longer connected to the Matrix and though he still had his old abilities (superior strength and speed and leaping great heights and distances), he could no longer manifest himself into another person’s body. Instead, he could duplicate himself by stabbing his hand into them.

Smith was supposedly killed in The Matrix Revolutions after Neo was turned into a Smith clone and both (along with every other Smith clone) were destroyed by the machines ruling Earth. However, it was revealed in The Matrix Resurrections that because Neo entered Smith’s code in the first movie, the two were now bonded to one another and that if Neo was alive, Smith was, too. The Analyst, the new ruler of the Matrix in Resurrections, took advantage of this by wiping Neo’s memories, knowing the same would happen to Smith.

That didn’t last long, as once Neo got his memories back, Smith’s returned as well, and the latter wasn’t happy with The Analyst. Smith aided Neo and his love interest Trinity when The Analyst attempted to kill both of them before leaving the body he was controlling once The Analyst was defeated.

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