New Multiversus Banana Guard character revealed before full launch on May 28, plus Rift Mode explained

The latest Multiversus character being added into the game is Banana Guard from Adventure Time. We also explain what the new Rift Mode for the game is.

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The Multiversus Banana Guard character

Gamers have played a range of characters, some human and some not human, but it’s rare to see somebody beating up another person’s character as a sentient, human-sized banana. If that’s your (rather weird) wish, I’ve got some good news for you.

Adventure Time character Banana Guard will now be joining Finn and Jake as another fighter in Multiversus. A gameplay trailer for the potassium-filled guardsman has been uploaded to YouTube. After Batman says justice never sleeps and Banana Guard is seen snoozing on the job, the living fruit can be seen attacking other characters with his spear, all while banana-themed puns flash across the screen and Banana Guard wonders if he’s a joke character. He is probably a joke character and voiced by Austen Moret.

This potassium powerhouse is a bruiser-class character who can pump iron to deal more damage as well as add knockback to his attacks, raise his spear upwards to deliver painful pokes to anyone above him, and crash down and damage any enemies in his vicinity.

So far, some players have expressed their dislike toward the newest joke character’s inclusion in the game. They’ve said other Cartoon Network characters like Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show or Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball could have been added in instead. Other players are okay and even happy with the newest addition to the Multiversus roster.

Banana Guard’s arrival isn’t unexpected. A Reddit post pointed out that if you slow down the PvE Rift Mode trailer to X0.25 speed, the Adventure Time character can be seen for a (banana) split second before Batman takes his place. Not only that, X (formerly Twitter) users have noted that a few comments and retweets made by the Multiversus X account were blatant banana puns or pictures of bananas with the Multiversus logo on them (yes, really), further hinting that sentient fruit was coming to the Smash clone.

Multiversus Rift Mode

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As for what Rift Mode is, it’s a new gameplay mode that involves players completing Rifts (AKA themed campaigns). Rifts are made up of nodes containing either straight-up battles or challenges for players to complete and will become more difficult as you progress. Seasonal rifts will also be available and come with special skins, stages, characters, and mutators. Player First Games has said Rifts will also be used to test out new game mechanics.

Nodes will also come with their own mutators which will alter how the game plays, such as being able to reflect damage or giving fighters chicken legs for hands which allow them to turn opponents into rotisserie chicken. Nodes will also contain challenges related to the Rift theme (shooting down the Joker’s hot air balloon in a Joker Rift, for example) as well as themed bosses at the end. Rifts will also be themed around seasonal “attunements,” which seem to be concepts related to a character (the Joker’s Rift attunement is chaos, for example).

Players can also team up for rifts, with one acting as a leader and the other being the buddy. Only the former can lose matches, but both will share rewards that are won. The rewards are stars, which are earned by completing optional objectives while playing through Rifts. Events will also be held throughout a season which will reward players if they manage to beat bosses at tougher difficulty levels.

While playing through Rifts, players will also be able to equip up to three Gems, items that improve your character and are classified as offensive, defensive, and utility. Gems will also be sub-categorized based on their attunement (e.g.: chaos, digital, etc.). Players who obtain the same Gem will be able to level that Gem up instead of having a duplicate of that item. Gems of various rarities can be earned by playing the game and through the battle pass.

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