Dragon Ball Sparking Zero October 1 release date uncovered in datamine

Information from Bandai Namco says that Dragon Ball Sparking Zero may be releasing on October 1 later this year, but this could be a placeholder date.

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The Dragon Ball Sparking Zero release date

A YouTuber and X (formerly Twitter) user named SergioM3R uploaded a video talking about the release date of Dragon Ball Sparking Zero. In it, he said that he “found a place containing release dates” for various Bandai Namco games and that this information was datamined from Bandai’s official data. The information datamined says that October 1 will be the release date for Sparking Zero. SergioM3R said that datamine’s entry point was found on the game’s official website and that anyone can access it.

SergioM3R felt a little skeptical about October 1 being the release date since other games listed were scheduled to be released on the first or second of a month. However, he pointed out that only one game (Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash) was released on the first day of a month (February earlier this year). Release dates for other games seen in the video like Sand Land (the Japanese release date, not the global release date), My Hero Ultra Rumble, and Tekken 8 were also correct, so the Sparking Zero release date may also be true.

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On the flip side, he pointed out that both Synduality: Echo of Ada and Elden Ring were also listed. The latter was listed with a release date of June 23, 2024, which is incorrect, and the former was listed with a December 1, 2024 release. However, Echo of Ada had a closed beta test from March 28 to April 1 and no actual release date has been announced as of writing.

Given the incorrect release date, SergioM3R doesn’t fully trust the information, though he assumes those two release dates are errors. He believes that October 1 may also be a placeholder date for Sparking Zero, but that the game would be released in that month later this year.

Other Dragon Ball Sparking Zero news

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Another factor to consider is the upcoming Summer Games Fest showcase that’s happening in June. It was recently confirmed that Bandai Namco would be a partner for the showcase and given that Summer Game Fest is used to announce new games, it wouldn’t be too big of a stretch to assume the publisher will show more of Dragon Ball Sparking Zero to the masses.

Scans from a recent issue of V Jump magazine show the next-generation Saiyans (Goten, Trunk, Kale, and Caulifla), their fusions (Gotenks and Kefla), and 5v5 team battle mode, so this (along with a release date) could help the hype for Sparking Zero to skyrocket. Sean Scehmell, the voice actor for Goku in the dubbed version of the Dragon Ball anime, said that he put between 60 to 80 hours of voice work into Sparking Zero and that fans would love the game. Understandably, fans are ecstatic to hear this and can’t wait to hear what Goku will say when they play the game.

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