Patrick Beverley criticized online for bad behavior | Find out why


In Indianapolis, Indiana, the Milwaukee Bucks lost to the Indiana Pacers in game 6 of the first playoff round of 2024. Giannis Antetokounmpo wasn’t playing for the Bucks. But the big story wasn’t the Bucks’ loss. Instead, it was about Patrick Beverley and his typical behavior once more.

Fans and media criticized Patrick Beverley for confronting Pacers fans

Just before the game ended, Beverley was really upset because the Milwaukee Bucks were going to finish their season without making it to the second round. In game 5, they managed to win even without Antetokounmpo and Lillard, but they lost game 6 badly, 120-98. Right before the game finished, Beverley was causing a scene on the sidelines. He was arguing with some Pacers fans and even threw the ball towards them, not just once but twice. It was obvious he was very angry, especially when he threw the ball even harder the second time.

His teammates, staff, and security stepped in when Beverley was arguing with another fan. Both the media and basketball fans are criticizing Beverley for his actions. Charles Barkley, a former basketball star now a TV personality, criticized Beverley and suggested he should be suspended. Many others are also unhappy with how Beverley behaved after their loss.

But wait, there’s more

After the game, Patrick talked to reporters in the locker room. Reporters from different places gathered around him to hear what he had to say about their team losing in the first round. He noticed one reporter from ESPN, Malinda Adams, and asked if she listened to his podcast. When she said no, he told her to leave and move her microphone. She walked away.

These two incidents, where Patrick was rude to a fan and a reporter, spread quickly online. Many sports commentators, like Brian Windhorst, Malika Andrews, Channing Frye, and Marc J. Spears, noticed Patrick’s behavior and wanted him to say sorry.


Malinda Adams is a respected reporter at ESPN who has been in the industry for many years. People who know her, like her colleagues and friends, have been saying positive things about her on social media.

As for Patrick, he’s known for his behavior both on and off the court. He’s a great defender in basketball, but he’s also known for being annoying to his opponents. People generally like having him on their team, but they don’t like playing against him because he can be irritating.

Recently, Beverley’s reactions have been criticized as childish and unprofessional. Some think the NBA might suspend him soon.

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