Stellar Blade: Top 5 games to hack-and-slash through if you like the latest PS5 exclusive

Now that Stellar Blade is out and is getting rave reviews from outlets and gamers alike, it’s understandable that those who aren’t willing to spend so much on a new game (or don’t have access to a PS5) would like games similar to it. Not to worry, as Newzertainment has curated this list to help you out.

stellar blade game download

1. Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry game download

The devil-slaying Dante is notorious because of how good his games are. With access to swords, guns, a motorcycle with buzzsaws for wheels, and a briefcase that can transform into 666 forms (though only seven are usable), among many other lethal toys, you’ll have tons of fun hacking and slashing through denizens of the demonic variety across six games.

Devil May Cry will reward you for mixing things up during your attack combos, so going hog-wild crazy with every weapon at your disposal will be required if you’re looking to earn some SSS combat ranks.

2. Bayonetta

Bayonetta game download

Platinum Games are known for making fast-paced action titles and one of their best is Bayonetta. Just like Devil May Cry, you get your hands on a bunch of vicious weapons, from magically enhanced firearms like flamethrowers, pistols, shotguns, and grenade launchers to more close-range options like nunchucks, katanas, whips, a lethal pair of ice skates, and even a lightsaber (that’s definitely not from Star Wars), there a good number of toys for you to play with here.

Bayonetta can also summon some demons to rip enemies apart, as well as use Torture Attacks (where she summons and uses medieval torture equipment) to eliminate enemies. Like Devil May Cry, you’ll be able to earn different medals depending on how well you perform in combat sections of levels. The highest level is Platinum (how appropriate), so you’ll need to work hard to get good at kicking demonic and angelic ass.

3. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance game dowload

Remember when I mentioned Platinum Games a minute ago? Those guys also made Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (try saying that five times fast). It’s a Metal Gear Solid spin-off and though it does have some stealth elements, this is a true blue hack-and-slash game.

The unique selling point of this game is Blade Mode, which lets you carve enemies up into itty bitty pieces once you’ve done enough damage to them or initiated a stealth takedown. Along with powerful human-sized bosses (all of whom have great background music to accompany their fights), you’ll also be squaring off against much bigger foes like a Metal Gear mech very early on. The action is fast and energetic and there are two free DLC packs if you’re hungry for more.

4. Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI game download

I know what you’re thinking and yes, Final Fantasy is very much a turn-based RPG series. But recent entries have deviated from those old-school roots and have become much more action-oriented, with battles taking place in real-time.

Final Fantasy XVI is in the action camp, as your primary method of dealing damage is by swinging your sword at enemies, though you’ve also got access to magic. You won’t be alone since you’ve got a team to aid you in battle and there are plenty of quests to complete and loot to pick up as you explore the world (Hey, it’s an RPG, remember?). Did I mention there are also boss battles where you take the form of a large and awesome-looking creature called an Eikon and battle other Eikons? That’s there too if you also love kaiju.

5. Katana Zero

Katana Zero game download

This final entry is a side-scroller where you cut through enemies with your katana. However, what makes Katana Zero stand out from the other entries is the main character being able to take one hit before he winds up dead.

That may sound unappealing, but sections that make up levels are short and you’re also able to slow down time, deflect bullets with your blade, and dodge roll to avoid attacks. Picking up items like bombs and knives and tossing them is also an effective way to eliminate enemies. A little bit of trial and error will be needed, but you’ll eventually come out on top.

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