Woman’s decapitated body was found by a friend after killed by her own grandson

Elvia Lopez-Arroyo was killed by her grandson Luis Gustavo Aroyo-Lopez in a brutal attack on November 2, 2023.

elvia lopez arroyo decapitated body

Elvia’s decapitated body found in her home

A decapitated body of woman was found by her friend in her California home in November 2023. Her grandson pleaded guilty in this brutal murder case. Elvia Lopez-Arroyo, 64, was killed by her grandson Luis Gustavo Aroyo-Lopez, in her Santa Rosa, California home. He killed her grandmother days after Luis released from state prison facing charges of assault and weapon possession.

Luis, 24-year-old, was constantly on the target of the police and Santa Rosa police alleged after the murder that he killed Elvia “in a targeted attack before leaving the scene with the female victim’s head.”

On Tuesday, Luis Gustavo entered a guilty plea in the killing of his grandmother. reported by The Press Democrat.

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Santa Rosa police department said in a statement at the time of murder that, “police responded to Elvia’s home on November 2 following a report of homicide when they found her decapitated body with no head. On November 4, Santa Rosa police arrested Luis and charged him with murder and violating his post-release community supervision. 

According to her neighbor, identified as Jessica, Elvia’s decapitated body was discovered by her friend. Jessica said she saw Luis on the day of the murder walking to the victim’s home “at a normal pace.”

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Elvia sounded “surprised and happy” upon seeing Luis but a few hours later, She saw a friend of Elvia’s panicking and running in and out of the house. “She kept yelling: ‘No head!'” Jessica recalled of the friend’s reaction.

Now, One of Elvia’s grandchildren started a GoFundMe campaign for funeral costs. On the fundraising page, she was remembered as a doting grandmother.

“She was a loving person and she adored so dearly all her grandchildren. She didn’t deserve what was done to her,” the fundraiser said.

Even after all this, Luis did not disclosed any solid motive behind his killing and now He is expected to back in court on June 27 for his sentencing.

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