Halo: Combat Evolved remaster could be headed to PS5, but not Gears 6, new Fable game coming out in 2025, says Tom Warren

Tom Warren wrote that John-117’s first adventure may be arriving to PlayStation consoles, but that won’t be the case for Gears 6.

Halo possibly on PlayStation, but not Gears 6

Now that Microsoft has started shoving its games to other consoles, it looks as though it may port over a title from a series that’s stuck with Xbox since the beginning: Halo. Specifically, a remastered version of the first game: Halo: Combat Evolved.

Tom Warren of The Verge says that Microsoft is mulling over sending a remastered version of Master Chief’s first game over to Sony’s platform, but isn’t considering porting the next Gears of War game, Gears 6, to PlayStation. As pointed out by Jez Corden of Windows Central, Warren didn’t directly confirm if Microsoft planned on porting these titles over to the PS5, though Corden confirmed that Gears 6 isn’t being made with PlayStation in mind. Corden also mentioned that multiple other games The Verge mentioned aren’t being considered for PlayStation consoles.

The Windows Central writer confirmed that through his investigations, titles like Hellblade 2, Avowed, South of Midnight, Starfield, and Age of Mythology Retold are “not in active development for PlayStation.” The Verge also mentioned that the new Fable game from Playground Games will drop as an Xbox exclusive and will arrive in 2025, a claim that has been supported by The Gamer.

As for other games being ported to PlayStation, there’s also Doom: The Dark Ages. Falling in line with Microsoft’s strategy of porting games to non-Xbox platforms, when Doom: The Dark Ages is revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase in a few days, it will be announced as a multiplatform release. Corden confirmed that the next Doom game will be headed to PlayStation. There’s also Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, which is confirmed to be coming to both PS5 and PS4.

What are Halo and Gears of Wars?

Every exclusive game was a USP (unique selling point) for a console and Xbox has two exclusive franchises to its name: Halo and Gears of War. Both are shooting games where you fire awesome guns, but that’s about the end of their similarities.

Halo is seen from the first-person perspective of a Spartan soldier, usually the main character Master Chief, AKA John-117. The first game, Halo: Combat Evolved, dropped out of a Pelican and onto Xboxes and managed to make people believe that Microsoft’s console was cool. It involved John blasting holes into two alien factions, The Covenant and The Flood, while trying to stop a Halo array from activating and annihilating all life across a large area. Since it printed money, sequels, spin-offs, and tie-in media were made to capitalize on the franchise many gamers fell in love with.

Gears of War, on the other hand, is about a group of soldiers named Gears who are in a war with The Locust, a humanoid subterranean species intent on conquering their planet called Sera. The first three games involved you kicking ass (most of the time) from the third-person as Marcus Fenix, with fellow Gears Dominic Santiago, Damon Baird, and Augustus Cole backing you up for most of the journey. These days, the spotlight has shifted to Marcus’ son JD Fenix, and Kait Diaz, the latter of whom is connected to the latest threat to Sera, The Swarm.

Like with Halo, there are spin-offs and tie-in media to flesh out the vicious world the Gears live and fight in (and because the games made bank). Gears 5 came out of an emergency hole back in 2019 and spin-off Gears Tactics followed suit in 2020. Since it takes a dog’s age for games to come out these days, the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase would be the perfect time to reveal that Gears 6 has been in the works.

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