inFamous celebrates 15th anniversary and fans demand/beg for remaster from Sucker Punch Productions

X users have uploaded posts requesting Sucker Punch Productions to remaster their inFamous games now that the developer acknowledged and made a celebratory post about the series’ 15th anniversary.

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inFamous fans requesting a remaster on the franchise’s 15th anniversary

Back in 2009, the PS3-exclusive superhero game inFamous hit the scene and amassed a legion of fans. Today, developer Sucker Punch Productions is celebrating the occasion with… an X (formerly Twitter) post asking people what their favorite inFamous memories are. Yup, that’s it.

Well, not entirely. Now that everyone’s been reminded that this PlayStation IP exists and isn’t being used to make more games, gamers replied to the post with their favorite memories and said that they love and miss the series. Most X users, however, used the opportunity for something else: attempting to badger Sucker Punch into either making a new inFamous game or remastering the old games into one collection.

And who can blame them? The last two inFamous games, Second Son and First Light, were (orbital) dropped a decade ago, in 2014. That’s a long time between deciding whether to go the good or evil route and electrocuting innocent people in one of these games. In that time, we’ve had other superhero games, some awesome (like Marvel’s Spider-Man) and some that sucked (remember Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?). Fans also did the same thing they’re doing now when Sucker Punch celebrated the 10th anniversary of Infamous: Second Son earlier in March. It’s safe to say they’re starved for more inFamous content.

Remastering old games and putting them on new hardware isn’t the newest idea in gaming, but boy howdy, it is a profitable one. PS3 games aren’t playable on the PS4 and PS5 (unless you’re a gun-totin’ American and have PS Plus Premium, which lets you stream PS3 games) and PlayStation gamers in some countries can’t stream PS3 games. As such, remastering the old inFamous games to ensure they aren’t trapped on the PS3 makes sense.

Hopefully, Sucker Punch decides to stop focusing on Ghost of Tsushima for a little while and put out an inFamous remastered collection to appease their fans. Maybe they’ll even give Sly Cooper fans a remastered collection or new game in the future too. Lord knows they’re also eager for more Sly Cooper content and being able to cosplay the character in Ghost of Tsushima isn’t exactly scratching the itch they have.

What is inFamous?

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The first two games focused on the story of Cole McGrath, who obtains electric powers after he opens a package containing a ray sphere. It’s an object that’s able to unlock powers within Conduits (humans who have a gene that grants them powers) while simultaneously unleashing a huge explosion (totally worth it). Cole’s story involves him dealing with Kessler, a version of himself from an alternate future whose family was killed, and the Beast, a powerful conduit who is responsible for killing Kessler’s family. The good (and canonical) ending of inFamous 2 saw Cole sacrificing his life to stop a plague that would kill humans, but not Conduits.

The last two games in the series, Infamous: Second Son and First Light, pick up after inFamous 2’s good ending. Second Son involves main character Delsin Rowe discovering that he’s also a Conduit (ain’t that convenient?) and can absorb the powers of other Conduits.

After a military truck carrying Conduit prisoners crashes and the prisoners escape, Delsin absorbs one prisoner’s powers over smoke. He is subsequently captured by Brooke Augustine, another Conduit director of the D.U.P. (Department of Unified Protection), a government agency that views Conduits as terrorists and wants to make sure the chaos in the first two games doesn’t occur again.

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Augustine tortures members of the Native American tribe Delsin belongs to and he learns she’s slowly killing them through concrete shards she put into their bodies. Delsin decides to use his power absorption ability to find Augustine and take her concrete manipulation power to save his tribe. First Light is a prequel to Second Son and follows Fetch, a Conduit who can manipulate neon light and whose powers are later absorbed by Delsin. Fetch is captured by Augustine and ordered to tell her story to the director, which revolves around Fetch looking for her brother after he’s kidnapped by mobsters and later a drug lord.

The inFamous games (excluding First Light) have a morality system called Karma that lets players either be good guys (denoted by blue) or very bad people (denoted by red). If players stick to one of these Karma paths, they’ll either become famous (if they’re good-natured) or infamous (if they’re despicable humans). Both paths can lead to Cole/Delsin having different personalities to reflect their Karma, being treated favorably or unfavorably by NPCs, unlocking access to new powers, like chaining lighting through multiple enemies or healing NPCs, and seeing two different endings that depend on the player’s good/evil karma.

There’s even vampire-themed DLC for inFamous 2 that involved Cole being turned into a vampire, his blood being used to awaken Bloody Mary, the two fighting each other and Cole recovering his health by snacking on civilians. You certainly don’t see stuff like that these days, do you?

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