Choo-Choo Charles developer Two Star Games teases new game being revealed at Summer Game Fest on June 7

Choo-Choo Charles developer Two Star Games has teased his new multiplayer game will be announced at Summer Game Fest.

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The Choo-Choo Charles developer’s new game

Looks like it isn’t just the big-name publishers and developers who’ll be announcing new projects at Summer Game Fest. Two Star Games, the developer behind horrific train game Choo-Choo Charles and real name Gavin Eisenbeisz, made an X (formerly Twitter) post announcing that his newest title would be revealed during Geoff Keighley’s event on June 7.

Eisenbeisz wrote about his game in multiple short posts that he posted before this announcement. He stated that this new title has nothing to do with Choo-Choo Charles, is a multiplayer game, isn’t in the horror genre, and will not feature the hand-drawn aesthetic that’s present in his other games. The developer has also stated that someone or something called “Gerjohnton” will be present in his game. One post about ”Gerjohnton’s ID card” and its description reading “Why tf are they all named Gerjohnton.,” hinting that there may be multiple Gerjohntons to deal with.

He has previously said that this new game “is the most advanced, most dynamic, and by far the goofiest game I’ve ever made.” The developer has also posted a few screenshots to further tease everyone, such as a blue and orange hand, a turret, and a toilet filled with bundles of dynamite. He also uploaded a picture of what could be a map layout for his multiplayer game. It isn’t known what exactly he’s making, so we’ll just have to find out when Summer Games Fest kicks off.

What is Choo-Choo Charles?

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The last game Eisenbeisz developed before this is Choo-Choo Charles, which was also talked about at Summer Game Fest, funnily enough. It’s a horror game where you play as a monster hunter who’s come to a remote island to deal with the threat of Charles, a sentient train that also has spider legs and a nightmarish face.

To stop the threat of Charles, the player has to find and collect three eggs that Charles has laid in order to summon and kill the abomination. To both combat and traverse the island, the player has their own train that they can pimp out with more weapons and armor, as well as increase its speed. New weapons and scrap (the resource needed to upgrade the train) can be earned by doing side quests for the island’s NPCs.

Charles will occasionally appear to harass the player and they can either escape from or fight off the threat with their train, though Charles can only be killed in the game’s final battle. Besides the spider monster, some armed cultists guard his eggs, forcing players to sneak past them to steal the items. There’s also a nightmare mode difficulty that makes the game’s atmosphere darker, has a scarier soundtrack, and makes the game more difficult.

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