New Dark Souls manga arriving on August 27, story is just as cryptic as the games

A new Dark Souls manga will arrive in August later this year and the story synopsis doesn’t exactly spell things out, just like the games.

dark souls redemption

The Dark Souls manga


The flame is lit. A nameless woman wakes.

A must-have for any FromSoftware fans, DARK SOULS: REDEMPTION brings us back to its haunting, familiar world in this original DARK SOULS story!

Pre-order now:

— Yen Press (@yenpress) June 3, 2024

Announced through X (formerly Twitter) by publisher Yen Press, a new Dark Souls manga will soon be available for purchase on August 27 later this year.

The manga is called Dark Souls: Redemption and just like the games, the synopsis for the manga is difficult to understand and a little vague. It talks of a nameless woman awakening, being unable to recall her past, and venturing out into a world she doesn’t know. Along with her is a protector, who is “bound by oath and honor” to protect the amnesiac woman and has his own secrets that he’d like to keep, well, secret.

The synopsis also reads that a faction called ‘The Gray Cinders’ gather within their tower and are ordered to carry out their duty. A colossus (presumably the one on the manga’s cover) “stirs with the bones beneath the scarred ground,” an entity from the past is looking to “exact its toll,” and “the fate of this land hangs in the balance.”

The writer for Dark Souls Redemption is Julien Blondel and the first volume will be priced at $15 (US)/ $19.50 (Canadian). Given that the page says this is “volume 1” of Dark Souls: Redemption, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see if a few more volumes came out in the future.

Other comics set within FromSoftware game worlds


This isn’t the only time literature set in a FromSoftware series has been announced and released. Dark Souls has previously had a few comic series published by Titan Comics. The latest comic published by Titan is ‘The Willow King,’ which follows Herad, a servant of King Ustrad of Uthrel. The king was previously forced to link the flame after Herad couldn’t and now that the time to link the flame draws near again, Ustrad isn’t willing to do his duty. As such, Herald is resurrected as an ‘unkindled’ and must work with three powerful warriors to “venture into the Willow King’s domain, and do what must be done.”

There’s also the Elden Ring manga. One of the series is Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree, which has a more comedic tone and follows Aeso, a Tarnished who plans to become the next Elden Lord, but lacks any edge when it comes to his attributes (strength, charisma, speed, intelligence, etc.). The poor guy doesn’t even have much common sense.

Another series is Elden Ring: See You at That Grace After Work, which is set in the “real world” and follows protagonist Wataru teaching his work colleague Reito how to play Elden Ring (yes, really). Once he begins mentoring her, things start to change for Wataru.

Bloodborne isn’t safe from comic books set in its world, either. There are six volumes that feature Hunters and other characters going on various missions, from searching for their missing protegé to attempting to stop a disease from spreading. These stories are set within the city of Yharnam and feature plenty of nasty beasties coming into contact with the human characters. Like with Dark Souls, Titan Comics publishes these stories.

FromSoftware is the developer behind the very first Soulslike games that led to the creation of the genre. After their first game, Demon’s Souls, they later released the first Dark Souls game. People like these games because of the challenge they pose to players since the game doesn’t exactly hold your hand like other video games do. These games also led to the ‘Git Gud’ meme being made. FromSoftware has put out a total of three ‘Git Gud’ games.

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