Ghost of Tsushima PC: PSN account needed for multiplayer and not single-player, confirms developer ahead of May 16 release

Sucker Punch Studios, the guys who made Japanese Assassin’s Creed, AKA Ghost of Tsushima, have confirmed that a PlayStation Network (PSN account) won’t be needed to play their weeb game.

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Ghost of Tsushima single-player won’t need a PSN account

In response to someone’s comment (which has now been deleted), Sucker Punch said that the Legends online multiplayer mode will require players to have a PSN account, whereas no such account will be needed to play through Jin Sakai’s journey in the single-player campaign.

If you’re wondering why this is important, it’s because Helldivers 2, another game that’s available for both PC and PS5, has landed itself in a controversy. Sony made it mandatory for PC players to link their Steam accounts to a PSN account for them to play the game. Gamers have made their rage known by calling in a review bomb stratagem, with recent reviews being labeled as “overwhelmingly negative” and all-time reviews currently sitting at a “mixed” rating over on Steam.

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This is a move that’s actually being encouraged by the developers, who said that this was Sony’s decision and will let Sony know players aren’t happy with the PSN requirement. The devs also said that refunds issued by Steam will also help Sony get the message. Normally, once you’ve played two hours of a Steam game, you’re stuck with it forever. However, Helldivers 2 has also been delisted from Steam in 177 countries because PSN isn’t available in those countries. As such, anyone and everyone is eligible for a Helldivers 2 refund, regardless of how much time they’ve spent annihilating terminids and automatons.

John Pilestedt, the CEO of Arrowhead Studios, said that the studio was speaking with Sony regarding solutions for players that don’t have PSN in their country.

What is Ghost of Tsushima?

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Way back in 2020 when we were all cooped up in our homes, Sucker Punch Studios dropped Ghost of Tsushima, a samurai/stealth simulator where you become the fabled Ghost during a Mongolian invasion on the island of Tsushima. 

It’s an open-world game that involved you killing Mongol invaders as Jin Sakai, an honorable samurai who eventually leaves the concept of honor behind to become The Ghost. As The Ghost, he uses stealth attacks and other tricks (smoke bombs, poison, etc.) to eliminate the invaders, something that his uncle Shimura isn’t happy with because he’s too attached to honorable ways (because he’s an old fuddy-duddy).

The game’s now coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store on May 16. This is the Director’s Cut version that’s being ported and will arrive with all the content that Sucker Punch created: the Iki Island DLC and the Legends multiplayer mode. Also included is a new PlayStation overlay that lets you see your PlayStation friends, Trophies and account. If you’ve linked your PSN account to your PC gaming account, Trophies can also be earned while playing the PC port.

What is Helldivers 2?

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You ever seen the movie Starship Troopers? The one where humanity fights giant insect aliens and everyone is ultra-patriotic for Earth? That’s what Helldivers 2 is but in video game form.

Just like Starship Troopers, you play as a soldier called a Helldiver and your job is to annihilate two enemy factions: the terminids (alien bugs of various shapes and sizes) and the automatons (robots). You get this done by showing your enemies the power of democracy and by shooting/blowing them up with an array of guns and calling in aerial and orbital strikes (but the power of democracy is what kills them, I swear). Players are shipped off to various planets to remove the threat of both factions from said planets to liberate them.

It’s been a real hit with players (up until recent events, that is). There’s even an awesome heavy metal song about the game because of how good it is. You know you’ve got a hit on your hands when someone writes a killer song about your game.

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