Former Batman Arkham game developers, Hundred Star Games, will be making new AAA game, will be funded by Xbox Game Studios, says Exputer exclusive

An Exputer exclusive says that Hundred Star Games, partially comprised of former Rocksteady Studio employees, will be making their first AAA game and Xbox Game Studios is funding development.

batman arkham shadow

The first project of Hundred Star Games

Back in 2022, the founders of Rocksteady Games, Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker, left the studio while it was working on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Both of them went on to create their new game studio called Hundred Star Games and it looks like Xbox Games Studios will be funding development for their first game as the former signed a partnership with the latter.

In an exclusive article belonging to Exputer, they learned that Hundred Star Games is working on a AAA single-player action/adventure game, with the Unreal Engine 5 being used for the project. As of writing, there aren’t many details about what this game is or will be about. Exputer believes that this new game could be a platform exclusive for Xbox, but cites that that may not be the case.

They write that Xbox games like HiFi-Rush, Grounded, Sea of Thieves, and Pentiment have been ported to the PS5, so the same strategy may be applied to Hundred Star Games’ first project. So far, details regarding the deal made between Hundred Star Games and Xbox Games Studios haven’t been made public.

Hundred Star Games has nearly 100 employees as of writing, with over 20 of those developers being former Rocksteady employees. Hundred Star Games has been in operation since 2023 and is still looking to hire more employees through their website. Over on Great Place to Work, Hundred Star is described as being “committed to crafting cutting-edge gaming experiences that inspire and captivate players worldwide” thanks to their “small team of only 100 industry veterans and emerging talents.” It also says that innovation is their core and that they’re dedicated to “pushing boundaries, embracing diversity, and fostering a vibrant gaming community.”

Batman Arkham Shadow teaser

This probably won’t be the only game that may be available on PlayStation consoles. Doom: The Dark Ages, the next entry in id Software’s iconic rip-and-tear simulator, is also believed to be coming to Sony’s console thanks to a leaker. @NateTheHate2 said that when Doom: The Dark Ages gets announced at the Xbox Games Showcase that’s happening in June, this game will be revealed to be a multiplatform release and that includes a PS5 version.

As for the Batman Arkham series, it was revealed that a new VR game, Arkham Shadow, will be made exclusively for the Meta Quest 3. Fans aren’t happy with this announcement.

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