Kena: Bridge of Spirits Xbox port announced, will be arriving on August 15 later this year, premium edition with bonus items also incoming

Kena’s spiritual adventure will soon make it’s way to Xbox consoles and a premium edition is also on the way.

kena bridge pf spirits

The Kena: Bridge of Spirits Xbox port

I guess with Xbox titles now available on PlayStation consoles, it was only inevitable that a game available on Sony’s consoles (as well as on PCs) would end up going to Microsoft’s console.

A teaser for the Kena: Bridge of Spirits Xbox ports has been revealed, though it didn’t have much to say besides when the game would be dropping on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles (August 15). It features a group of Rot (small black furry creatures that are present in the game) opening a chest and finding a couple of hats stored within. It then cuts to the Rot with Kena as the release date appears on screen.

The Xbox port will have the Anniversary update tossed in with the main game, which includes a new game plus mode, new outfits for Kena, charmstones that can modify Kena’s abilities, and three different types of trials to test players’ skills.

Accompanying the Xbox port is a premium edition of the game. This will include an official digital soundtrack, golden skin for the Rot, a special staff for Kena, a sticker sheet, and pirate-themed hats exclusive to the Xbox version of Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Publisher Maximum Entertainment has teamed up with Kena developer Ember Labs to create this edition of the game and pre-orders at major retailers will go live sometime in the coming days.

What is Kena: Bridge of Spirits?

kena bridge pf spirits kena with bow

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a game where Kena, a Spirit Guide, needs to help those who have died to move on from the physical world into the spiritual world by understanding why they’re not moving on and easing their pain. Kena’s objective is to search for a shrine in a village that’s been deserted and on her journey, she comes across a nefarious spirit spreading that’s corruption and causing havoc by unleashing monsters, forcing the young Spirit Guide to deal with this threat.

Along with her are the Rot, small black creatures that can assist Kena both in and out of combat, like distracting an enemy and removing barriers in her path. Kena’s also got a staff that can be upgraded to double as a bow, as well as magic powers like a shield and a dash ability. As the player progresses through the game, more areas of the village can be unlocked and explored.

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