Kingdom Hearts Steam ports announced, will include 9 games in one big compilation pack coming on June 13

Kingdom Hearts Steam ports are officially on the way, Square Enix has confirmed.

The Kingdom Hearts Steam announcement

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If you wanted to play Kingdom Hearts on PC, the only option you had was to make an Epic Games Store account and buy the games from there (tragic). Now, however, things have changed with a recent announcement.

A post from the official X (formerly Twitter) account of Square Enix announced that the series that mixed Final Fantasy and Disney Pixar together into one very confusing story would be coming to Steam on June 13 later this year. A blog post detailed that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and Kingdom Hearts 3 + ReMind (DLC) will all be (dream) dropped onto Steam and can now be wishlisted. For the non-Kingdom Hearts people reading this, the first two are compilations of games in the series (and a movie).

That’s a total of nine(!!!) games, all of which include tens of hours of content (except for the hour-long movie). A trailer announcing the Steam versions was also uploaded and included a re-recorded version of “Simple and Clean,” a song that’s been included in these games. Reception towards it has been very positive across the internet and gamers are eager to start swinging Keyblades at the Heartless.

But if you’re a diehard fan of this series, you’ll probably just want to buy everything that’s being ported over. In that case, there’s the Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece that bundles everything mentioned into one big, fat mega-compilation. Buying the Integrum Masterpiece or Kingdom Hearts 3 + ReMind DLC will get you access to a new Keyblade, “Dead of Night,” which will be available only on Steam (sorry, console players).

A special message was also posted to the Hearts X account. The message comes from Ichiro Hazama, a producer on the series. He wrote that the Kingdom Hearts team were excited for more players, both old and new, to enter the series they worked on and experience everything the games had to offer. They also expressed excitement over the fact that the games were becoming more accessible.

If you’re wondering why Square Enix is sending this series to Steam, the answer lies in the money Square Enix makes or rather, the lack of it. Square Enix’s sales have gone down since games in their HD Games sub-segment (their AAA titles) haven’t been profitable. One way they plan on solving their profit problem is by going multiplatform since some Square Enix games like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth are only available on one platform (the PS5 in this case), which limits how many people it can be sold to. More platforms mean more customers, meaning more money (and what corporation doesn’t want more of those sweet green bills?).

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