Multiversus: Jason Voorhees first battle pass reward for beta players until June 11, currency and battle pass updates detailed in blog post

A blog post from Player First Games details a few rewards (like Jason Voorhees) Multiversus players will be able to earn when the full game drops like a cartoon anvil next week on May 28, as well as other changes to the game.

jason voorhees

Jason Voorhees and battle pass changes

multiversus jason voorhees battle pass

For starters, players who finish the game’s new tutorial will unlock a seven-day reward calendar that lets them unlock Adventure Time’s Banana Guard to play as. If they stick with the calendar for all days, they’ll eventually unlock the Lady Banana Guard variant (i.e., a new skin).

If you’re someone who participated in the game’s open beta, you’ll get access to the Season 1 battle pass for free and your first reward is the newly announced playable character Jason Voorhees. You can play as the Camp Crystal Lake native if you log into the game by June 11, but if you’re not a beta player, he’ll be a paid battle pass reward. Additional beta rewards include a Banana Guard announcer pack (if you can’t get enough of him for whatever reason), the Snow Suit Finn variant, and a Rising Stars ringout visual effect/cosmetic.

multiversus finn snow suit

The battle pass has been changed, with the number of high-value items (taunts, currency, ringouts, and variants) that can be earned increasing for both the paid and free versions of the pass. Gleamium (the premium currency) can be earned in both passes and can be used to buy various items, like the next season’s premium pass, for example.

Those who pony up for the premium pass will earn enough Gleamium for the next season’s premium pass. Battle pass duration has also been lengthened, with the first pass being eight weeks long and anyone who reaches the end of it can repeat its final tier to keep earning rewards. Gleamium, character tokens, and battle pass tokens earned during the beta will still be available for players to spend and how they are used will not be changed. Both token types will no longer be offered, but players will still be able to spend them to unlock characters and the premium battle pass, respectively.

New currencies

multiversus currency types

New replacement currencies will be added based on learnings from the beta. There’s going to be Fighter currency, which you can use to unlock new fighters and is obtained in-game. Fighter currency is different from character tokens and the former can’t be exchanged for the latter. Players will also be able to try new characters by way of the game’s weekly character rotation, which usually occurs every two weeks and will work the same way it did in the beta.

A new Prestige currency will reward players for the items and cosmetics they obtain. Depending on the type and rarity of a cosmetic item that you get, you’ll earn some amount of Prestige currency. Only this currency will be used to unlock Prestige cosmetics, which are the rarest kind in Multiversus. Returning players will earn Prestige currency based on the cosmetics they’ve already earned in the open beta. Another currency, gold, will no longer be available when the game launches. Instead, players will receive cosmetics for the amount of gold they earned during the beta.

multiversus rising star ringout cosmetic

Perk currency (another new addition) is also being added and will allow players to unlock new perks, with the currency being obtained by playing the game. Player First Games found that during the beta, players used a few perks while others were ignored.

In response, rarely used perks were removed from the game, while those that were used were reworked, and new perks have also been added in. All perks will be reset from the open beta and will allow players, old and new, to obtain the perks they desire and to keep the game fair for all. Open beta players will receive an allotment based on the number of perks they obtained during the beta.

Player mastery and account mastery levels will also be reset to level 1 for all players and character mastery tracks will also be changed. Like with perks, this will keep things fair for players and allow everyone to earn many items rewarded for leveling up both mastery types, as well as give players goals to work towards.

Other Multiversus news

multiversus agent smith

It was recently announced that horrifying slasher villain Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th and the digital threat of Agent Smith were joining The Joker’s side in the latest Multiversus trailer. The first season is called “Puns and Villainy” and while Agent Smith won’t be available at launch, Jason will be.

Another recent announcement was the inclusion of Adventure Time character Banana Guard in the game, with the announcement being made by way of a trailer incorporating a couple of banana puns (and gameplay, of course). Earlier this month, Player First Games also released a trailer for the game’s PvE Rift mode, which will involve players battling through themed campaigns and end with them squaring off against bosses relevant to the Rift’s theme.

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