New Call of Duty Black Ops teaser website is now live, key art also leaked online ahead of June 9 Xbox Showcase

A teaser website for the upcoming Call of Duty game is now live and features two videos of a group spreading a message: the truth lies.

call of duty black ops wolf heads teaser

The Call of Duty Black Ops teaser

call of duty black ops

An enigmatic teaser for the next Call of Duty game has now gone live. The teaser itself is a website and allows users to interact with a TV with six channels on it. As of writing, the first two channels have accessible video footage, while the others do not show any videos.

The first video sees a group of unknown individuals trespassing on Mount Rushmore located in South Dakota, America. These individuals are seen wearing some sort of stealth outfit (presumably to reduce the odds of being detected and to ensure their real identities aren’t discovered), as well as using rappel gear after climbing to the top of the sculpted heads of the national memorial.

They are then seen rappelling down onto the faces carved into the mountain and are soon leaving in a van before the video cuts to daytime. Large blindfolds are now covering the eyes of each president’s face and they spell out a message: “the truth lies.” The final blindfold has a logo of three wolf heads (possibly referencing Cerberus, the guard dog of the Greek underworld) on it, the same logo that is seen on a bystander’s backpack as a police officer (and possibly civilians talking about the newly placed blindfolds) can be seen and heard, respectively, in the background.

The second video has individuals (unknown if it’s the same people from the first video) putting up posters with the same message that was seen on the blindfolded stone faces, though the Mount Rushmore faces here have a white line drawn over their eyes. Like before, the crew soon leaves once their task is done. Given that the TV has six channels and it’s believed that the new Call of Duty will be a Black Ops game, the number of channels might be referencing the number of Black Ops games that have been made, with this newest game being the sixth game in the sub-series.

The website’s metadata also hides the same message within: “You might remember a better time. But it was false. Trust no one. Open your eyes. Find the truth.” If that wasn’t enough for you, key art has been leaked online by @billbil_kun, who intentionally blurred the image and applied his watermark to it. The key art shows a soldier with what could likely be a couple of rifles on his back as sitting down, his elbows resting on his knees. If this sounds familiar, it should, because this is also the basic description for the cover image of the first Call of Duty Black Ops game.

call of duty black ops

The Xbox Showcase

xbox showcase and cod direct

The Cerberus logo was also used to tease a new entry in the Call of Duty series earlier in April when Microsoft announced it would be holding an Xbox Showcase on June 9. After the Showcase is done, it will immediately be followed by a Call of Duty Direct. The Wall Street Journal reported that during this Direct, Microsoft will announce that this new game will be on Xbox Game Pass when it launches.

Insider Gaming and The Verge have reported that the new game will be featured during the Xbox Showcase, where gamers will be able to witness its main reveal and be able to learn more about it. Insider Gaming and Windows Central have both said that this new game will be called Black Ops: Gulf War, which will be set during the war of the same name and will have a heavy focus on the CIA.

Insider Gaming also reported that the codename for this new entry is Cerberus, which fits in with the logo seen on the Showcase image Microsoft released, the same logo that’s also present in the teaser videos mentioned above. They also said that Gulf War may be coming to previous generation consoles.

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