New No Man’s Sky Adrift expedition lets you explore empty universe with no one there to help you in 4.70 update

The Adrift expedition for No Man’s Sky will plop you into an abandoned universe and force you to survive all by yourself, with no one coming to help you.

no mans sky adrift expedition

The No Man’s Sky Adrift expedition

No Man’s Sky’s newest expedition will allow players to travel to an alternate universe. However, there’s one interesting thing about this new expedition: there’s no one to populate this new universe and you’ll be completely alone.

A blog post explains that this universe has been abandoned and will contain no other lifeforms, aside from sandworms and fiend eggs. There will not be any shops, NPCs, active starships, ways to trade, shortcuts, operational space stations, or any help. System economies will also be completely destroyed and gameplay changes will also extend to gameplay events and the distribution of enemies. The trailer for the expedition says that “a mystery will begin to unravel” and that hidden lore will be included in the expedition.

All players will awaken on the planet Iapezuk, but “will not be together in the usual sense.” Static can be heard when trying to communicate with others, there won’t be any activity at the Space Anomaly space station, and “the boundaries of reality have thickened.” A new ship, the Iron Vulture, will serve as a safe haven for players. In short, players will be on their own, and relying on one’s self will be critical to seeing this expedition through.

Players that complete this expedition will be able to earn a few special rewards: a new gnawing scuttler companion, the Iron Vulture, stealth paint for player starships, new decals and titles, a new frigate called ‘The Ship of the Damned,’ three in-game posters, and starship wreckage base building parts. The Adrift expedition will run for approximately seven weeks and arrives with update 4.70, which includes fixes to various issues in the game.

What is No Man’s Sky?

no mans sky origins

No Man’s Sky is a sci-fi game where you get to explore and survive in various galaxies and was developed by Hello Games. You probably know the game best for the negative reception it received at launch. The launch version of the game wasn’t warmly received and Hello Games received tons of flak for how the game came out since it was missing features promised by Hello Games founder and managing director Sean Murray. However, the developers didn’t abandon the game and leave it in the sorry state it came out in. Instead, they worked hard to push out various updates for No Man’s Sky, all of which are free.

In addition to fixing various bugs found in the game, these updates tossed in new features. A permadeath mode, multiplayer and crossplay between platforms, underwater bases, a living ship that could be piloted, and even VR support, if you wanted to immerse yourself, are only a few of the many, MANY additions made by Hello Games. Keep in mind, No Man’s Sky was released back in 2016 and they’re STILL supporting it nearly eight years later. The word “stop” doesn’t seem to be in their vocabulary and most big-name developers wouldn’t push out this much free content for their games.

One of No Man’s Sky’s updates introduced a new gameplay feature called expeditions. Essentially, these are timed events that involve players completing certain objectives and earning rewards only obtainable through expeditions. Once the expedition is over, it can never be replayed ever again, though certain expeditions have been re-released in the past.

Currently, Hello Games is also working on Light No Fire, another survival game that’s set on a planet the same size as Earth. Light No Fire will combine the depth of role-playing games with the freedom survival games give players.

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