Sonic Rumble rips off Fall Guys in announcement trailer, will be a 32 player battle royale game

Ever wanted a Sonic-themed version of Fall Guys? Sonic Rumble might be what you’re looking for.

sonic rumble death egg robot

The announcement of Sonic Rumble

sonic rumble outer space

Given how popular Fall Guys is, it’s inevitable that someone would eventually copy its design to make some money. Sonic Rumble is a brand-new battle royale multiplayer game (a first for the series) featuring all your favorite anthropomorphic animal characters, with 32 players fighting to win.

A gameplay trailer shows what the mobile game will be like. It seems to have the same gameplay that modern Sonic titles are known for but in a multiplayer game this time. Dash panels, rings to collect, grinding on rails and a homing attack(?) can be seen, as well as sections where the game becomes a side-scroller, similar to the original Sonic games.

The currency here is rings, which can be collected and used to customize the characters you’ll be playing. Speaking of which, plenty of iconic Sonic faces can be seen here, from Metal Sonic and Big the Cat to Cream the Rabbit and Vector the Crocodile. As for enemies, Moto Bugs can be seen, along with samurai Egg Robots. There’s even a giant fish (probably a Chopper enemy) and what looks to be the Death Egg Robot, the final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. 

The game is set in a “cheery toy world” that Dr. Eggman created. The locales shown range from grassy green hills (a staple within the Sonic series) to the far reaches of outer spaces (Sonic’s ended up running through areas set in outer space plenty of times before, funnily enough). Sonic Rumble will be dropping sometime in winter this year and players can beta test the game by signing up for it on the Sonic Rumble website.

Other Sonic news

sonic x shadow generations reference

In other Sonic news, the Knuckles TV show that’s available on Paramount Plus debuted last month, with the first episode being made free on YouTube to promote the series and attract more viewers. It’s set after Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (the movie, mind you) and features Knuckles (Idris Elba) mentoring human deputy Wade Whipple (Adam Pally) in “the way of the echidna warrior.”

There’s also news about Keanu Reeves playing Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, as multiple sources confirmed this to The Hollywood Reporter. Shadow previously made a cameo back in Sonic 2 and his involvement has been teased through a photo of him from the waist down, with a clapboard next to him.

Speaking of the Ultimate Life Form, Sonic X Shadow Generations is a remastered version of Sonic Generations, where the Blue Blur had to team up with the past version of himself and save his friends from Dr. Eggman, who’s also in cahoots with his past self.

This version of the game will let players control Shadow in a brand-new story that gives him access to new powers as Shadow journeys to stop Black Doom, an entity that had a hand in creating Shadow and wants to take over the world. Along the way, the black hedgehog will need to confront painful moments from his past and scrap with some familiar and not-so-friendly faces. As with many remasters, they’ll be upgraded visuals and bonus content to go along with both versions of Sonic blitzing through levels. It’s coming sometime in Autumn this year for PC and consoles.

Sega is also celebrating 2024 as “The Year of Shadow,” which involves celebrating the qualities that make Shadow, Shadow, i.e., being your best, breaking barriers, being unafraid, and doing things with confidence. Sega is celebrating this by releasing a LEGO set of the character, releasing Sonic X Shadow Generations, and adding items themed around him to the Sonic Speed Cafe, along with other ways to celebrate this campaign.

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