Dead Island 2 teases more content in the future, celebrates 7 million gamers playing the Los Angeles zombie slaying simulator

It’s always good to celebrate a major milestone you’ve achieved and announce said milestone to the world. People do it, so why not video games and their developers? Case in point: Dead Island 2.

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Celebrating Dead Island 2 milestones and teasing future content?

dead island 2 keep slaying more to come

The official X (formerly Twitter) account for developer Dambuster Studios uploaded a post with a message from David Stenton, the game’s director. In it, he thanked players for playing Dead Island 2 and teased more content in the future. Stenton writes in his message that he and the rest of Dambuster Studios are exhilarated from the seven million players who’ve stepped into Hell-A and wiped out over 24 billion zombies (that’s three times the current population on Earth, by the way).

Being nominated for Best Action Game at the 2023 Game Awards as well as for the Best British Game by the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) is also something the Dambuster team is ecstatic about.

Stenton thanked players for the feedback they provided and mentioned they would continue to support Dead Island 2 on all available platforms. He also teased that in the coming months, more content will be announced for the game, though he didn’t specify what the content was other than that it was “long-awaited” by the playerbase. It’s possible it could be a New Game Plus mode, since a lot of Dead Island 2 players have been wanting that ever since the game dropped and because that feature has been in previous games in the series.

What is Dead Island 2?

dead island 2 haus

The Dead Island series began in the 360/PS3 console generation, beginning with Dead Island (big shocker there) and its sequel, Dead Island: Riptide. They’re exactly what you’d expect them to be: games set on islands teeming with ravenous undead humans who are looking for their favorite snack: brains. Players could choose between multiple characters who were experienced in using different weapons (one was good with guns, another with blunt weapons, etc.). Oh, and the playable characters are all immune to the zombie plague (ain’t that convenient?).

Dead Island 2 is like the first two games in regards to the plague immunity and playable characters (called “Slayers”) having different specializations. This time, the zombie-slaying action is set in Los Angeles (also called Hell-A because of how things have to, well, hell), with the player responsible for helping their group evacuate the city.

New additions include a rage mode where you lose control and deal massive damage to enemies and a deck-building system where cards give you various buffs instead of a skill tree. There’s also the FLESH (Fully Locational Evisceration System for Humanoids) system, which lets you inflict wounds that reflect the weapon you’re damaging enemies with (e.g.: if you have a sword, you can cut open a zombie and even chop off entire limbs).

So far, there have been two DLC packs: Haus and the SOLA festival. Haus (German for house) involves Slayers venturing into a villa and taking on the Kult, who think they have the means to ensure humanity’s survival in the zombie apocalypse, as well as the entities residing within the villa. The SOLA Festival is about a music festival where attendees were turned into zombies by way of a music beat (I’ve certainly never heard of that before) and the Slayer having to investigate the festival and uncover what’s going on. Both DLC packs also come with new weapons and cards to make Slayers even deadlier.

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