THQ Nordic Digital Showcase being held on August 2, will have new announcements and updates on games in development

A new THQ Nordic Digital Showcase will be held later this year, although details regarding what’s going to be shown are a bit sparse.

THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2024

Details about the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase

Every gamer’s favorite thing to watch is a video game showcase, because who doesn’t love new video games being announced? Everyone does, including yours truly.

On X (formerly Twitter), THQ Nordic announced that the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase, where they reveal new games being developed by their studios to the public, would be coming back later this year. The scheduled date is August 2 (12 P.M. PDT) and alongside new announcements, there’s gonna be updates regarding games we already know about like Titan Quest and the Gothic 1 Remake, and more. Besides that, there isn’t much meat on this digital bone as THQ Nordic didn’t write much else.

Certain high-profile games have been put out by the publisher. Some of their products include the Destroy all Humans remakes, the Darksiders games, the 2024 Alone in the Dark game, and South Park: Snow Day, among many others. It’d be a pretty lame showcase if they just showed the two games mentioned in the above paragraphs, so it’s safe to say the showcase will be a mix of new games from established series as well as all new projects will be announced.

Other video game showcases

summer game fest 2024

Of course, there are plenty of other gaming showcases that’ll be live-streamed to the public. A Summer Games Fest showcase will be held on June 7 and just like the previous years, will feature several developers presenting various games we had no idea were in development (unless you follow rumors from reputable sources).

Then on June 9 (10 A.M. PST), an Xbox showcase will be livestreamed and will reveal what the studios owned by Microsoft are cooking up as well as updates on projects we already know about. Following this, a Call of Duty Direct will take place right after, with a new Call of Duty game being announced at that time. This new entry is rumored to be the latest game in the Black Ops subseries as data miners have dug up references to a Frank Woods (a Black Ops character) operator for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. It’s believed that the Woods operator will be a pre-order for the new Black Ops game.

ubisoft game fest 2024

There’s also a Ubisoft Forward showcase that’s going live on June 10. There have been rumors regarding a new Far Cry game that Ubisoft is working on that will involve players rescuing their kidnapped family members from a group of cultists. A reputable leaker also mentioned that something related to actor Cillian Murphy (but not Murphy himself) will be involved in the game. 

Ubisoft will show updates regarding various games but the publisher hasn’t specified which games. Star Wars Outlaws is coming out soon, so it wouldn’t be a big shock to see it show up during the showcase. There’s also the Assassin’s Creed series (arguably Ubisoft’s greatest cash cow), with upcoming projects like Red, Jade, and Hexe all in the works, so maybe there’ll be time for them to shine too. There’s also the Sand of Time remake that’s restarting development and we haven’t heard much about the Splinter Cell remake, so hopefully we’ll get updates on those projects too (seriously, Splinter Cell fans are starved for content these days).

Additionally, The Game Awards will be held on December 12, where gamers can cheer (and/or rage over) games that deserve (or don’t deserve) to be given certain awards like the best ongoing game, best VR/AR game, best narrative in a game, and the most coveted award and the big kahuna of gaming awards, Game of the Year. In between the awards being given to game developers, there’s gonna be a lot of announcements for games, just like the previous years.

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