Warhammer 40K Boltgun Forges of Corruption DLC announced and dropping June 18, free horde mode also coming

Warhammer 40K Boltgun is getting some new DLC, complete with new locations, weapons and enemies, along with a new edition of the game when the DLC drops. A free horde mode will be added to the game.

boltgun rocket launcher

The Boltgun Forges of Corruption DLC

boltgun shooting chaos

During the Warhammer Skulls gaming showcase, it was revealed that Space Marine boomer shooter Boltgun was getting a new DLC called the Forges of Corruption, along with a free horde mode.

Accompanied by some extremely enthusiastic voiceover, the trailer explains that Marines will need to go to a manufactorum (i.e., a factory that produces equipment for the Imperium of Man) on the planet Graia, the game’s setting. Within the manufactorum are the forces of Chaos and they must be redeemed in holy fire and boltgun bullets.

New enemies will be waiting for their “redemption,” like the Chaos Space Marine Havocs (who use rocket launchers), Chaos Terminators (who’ve got lightning claws), and Helbrutes (hulking, mechanical servants of Chaos). Players will be able to “redeem” them with the help of two new weapons: a rocket launcher and the Multi-Melta (a superior version of the Meltagun, both of which fire heat blasts at heretics).

boltgun chaos terminator

That’s not all. A horde mode is also on the way, which will let Space Marines rip and tear through endless waves of enemies. Horde mode will have its own achievement and Space Marines can choose from four difficulty settings. This mode will be free for all players (thank the Emperor). A navigation guide will also be patched into the game and various bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements will also be coming to the Warhammer boomer shooter.

The Forges of Corruption DLC will arrive on June 18 later this year for all major platforms, though it’s going to arrive sometime later for Nintendo Switch (sorry, Switch owners). Along with the DLC, a Forges of Corruption edition collecting the base game and the new DLC will also be made available to newcomers when the DLC drops next month.

What is Warhammer 40K Boltgun?

boltgun warhammer

Back in ye olden times, first-person shooters like Doom and Duke Nukem weren’t as forgiving as the shooters we get today. Instead of waypoints and auto-healing, those titles had maps you had to stop shooting to look at and health items littered the ground. Games like these put hair on your chest. In recent years, shooters like this, but with modern improvements, have made a comeback and have been referred to as “boomer shooters.” Case in point: Warhammer 40K Boltgun.

Though there have been shooters set in the grim darkness of Warhammer’s future, none of them were boomer shooters like Boltgun is. You’re a Space Marine named Malum Caedo and your mission involves you being sent to the planet Graia, where the forces of Chaos have been unleashed. Your objective? Get the Power Source that ended up unleashing the Chaos enemies and prevent a Chaos Sorcerer from using it for his evil plans.

The game has the retro graphics some boomer shooters have these days and gives you a whole bunch of weapons to slaughter whatever heretics that stand in your way. You’ve also got armor (called “Contempt” in the game) that shields your actual health, grenades, and power-ups that last a short while. You can also find health, armor, and ammo pick-ups if you go off the beaten path (just like the old days).

Boltgun’s gone down well with critics and players alike, which is why it’s getting some DLC. Hey, Auroch Digital, the game’s developer, has to make money somehow and players like the game. Win-win situation.

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